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Tyrex is an Australian manufacturer of recycled rubber products. Each year millions of tyres come to the end of their useful life and often become environmental waste.

Tyrex products extend that life, recycling tyres into a wide range of premium recycled products that continue to provide outstanding environmental benefits.

Tyrex products are durable, long-lasting, hard-wearing and suitable across a diverse range of industry sectors.
Caring now and for tomorrow Tyrex Products are carefully researched, designed and manufactured in Australia to encompass all the benefits of modern recycling technology.

Tyrex Products take advantage of the durability and safety aspects of the original compounds found in tyres.

By continuing to develop new and innovative recycled products, our contribution can have a major impact on improving the environment today and for future generations. We invite you to share in this contribution by selecting Tyrex Products at every opportunity.

Tyrex rubber products can be manufactured into stay-put, anti-slip ramps suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Tyrex products provide anti-trip and wheelchair access to steps and thresholds. On uneve surfaces Tyrex rubber ramps will flex and grip to provide exceptional stability.